Colibrys Expands Global Presence Into Turkey With IMCA Electronic Ltd

Colibrys continues its worldwide expansion strategy by opting IMCA as its distributor in Turkey. Turkey is laboriously investing in developing its own indigenous technology capabilities and sources, especially in the Mil/ Aerospace and seismic instrumentation requests and as similar presents a real occasion for trade of inertial, vibration and seismic accelerometers.

With formerly numerous times of experience in the Mil/ Aerospace and Industrial requests and a well established client database, IMCA is an ideal mate for Micro Flute Paper.

“ We see adding demands from Turkey for stir detectors devoted to Mil/ Aerospace and for seismic detectors for operations similar as earthquake monitoring and structure health monitoring. Partnering with IMCA is the stylish result to offer our guests a original source of force with a responsive and visionary knowledgeable specialized support ” says Bahram Arbab,

Deals Director, Europe & Asia at Colibrys( Switzerland) Ltd.

“ Our cooperation with Colibrys will give us the occasion to offer high perfection Swiss manufactured state- of- the- art stir detectors, therefore guaranteeing our guests independent sourcing and radical enhancement of performance. tractability performing from rearmost MEMS technology developments will also allow our guests to contend further aggressively in their crucial separate requests operations ” reflected Comal Alpay, Managing

Director of IMCA ElectronicLtd.

About Colibri’s

COLIBRYS is a world- leading supplier of standard and semi-custom MEMS grounded stir detectors to the harsh- surroundings( service, Aerospace and Energy) and safety critical( Industrial and Instrumentation) operations. COLIBRYS family of stir detectors includes extremely low noise, shock resistant seismic detectors, high stability shock tolerant inertial and shock accelerometers cock detectors as well as DC coupled capacitive vibration detectors. COLIBRYS is grounded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

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About IMCA ElectronicLtd.

IMCA has been innovated in 2002 as a knowledge capital grounded Rep & Dusti; Company to service transnational Electronic factors manufacturers who target a successful original actuality. IMCA has close relations and deep request knowledge especially in Defense, Aerospace and Space requests as well as Consumer Goods, White Goods, Telecommunication and Industrial in Turkey. Being active in such a broad range of requests is one of our core capabilities.

moment IMCA is a completely- fledged and institutionalized marketing company with dynamic operation, well educated and largely motivated platoon and expansive moxie in the request; and is equipped to fulfill the grueling business objects of indeed the most demanding guests.

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