UK Immigration Makes A Point To Discriminate

As the tier 1 Immigration system is rolled out Liam Clifford from can confirm the system is designed to discriminate in virtually every possible way.

The UK wishes to be a meritocracy where people from all nationalities, age groups and sexes are treated equally. Over recent years from the Race relations act in 1984 to the age discrimination legislation which came into effect in 2007 the UK has strived for equality. Now the UK Immigration authorities B.I.A have put the struggle for a meritocracy back years. The New Immigration system is all about attracting those people who will benefit the UK economy with their presence. Through the new act overseas nationals will be discriminated against in terms of both indirect discrimination which is as “The effect of certain requirements, conditions or practices imposed has a disproportionately adverse impact on one group or other. Indirect discrimination generally occurs when a rule or condition, which is applied equally to everyone, can be met by a considerably smaller proportion of people from a particular group.” And Direct discrimination which is defined as “When someone is treated less favorably than another on grounds of his or her perceived or actual (age), disability, gender, nationality, religion, gender orientation or sexual orientation.” It is also useful to remember that race discrimination includes discrimination on the grounds of nationality. confirms a person will be awarded points based on their age combined with income and if they have a degree or not. This discriminates against all those who are older and more experienced but did not achieve a degree. The new system does not take into account work experience and only focuses on the degree. A person with a degree may have never contributed to society however they are preferred over a person with a proven track record in a senior management role. People of all ages have a role to play in our work force and diversity should be encouraged and a degree does not reflect a productive member of society but a person with the family means to attend University in many cases. Proving ones age may also be an issue as in 2006 alone the UN reported 51 million births had gone unregistered with 45% of them being in Asia. A person is also awarded points on their ability to speak English. This clearly discriminates against those people from countries who do not speak English as a first language yet the individual may be an expert in their field. Only by an accident of birth will a person be discriminated against and asked to sit English exams even before travelling to the UK while people from “English” speaking countries will require no such test. Including people from places like Quebec where French is the first language but as they are within Canada they can enter freely. The English test should be required by everyone but only after a period in the UK. Ajay the Director of states that Indian nationals who make up the majority of skilled workers travelling to the UK should be measured on their achievements and not on their English until they have had a chance to prove themselves in the UK

Sex discrimination in many economies is common place including the UK some would argue but women in many countries can earn 45% less than their male counterparts. As the points system does not take this into account women will find it much harder to immigrate to the UK. This is simply wrong.

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