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Tourism Companies Discover The Benefits Of Viral Video Marketing

Given that tour operators and accommodations market an intangible experience it is important to bring their holidays alive in people’s imagination. Tourism companies are increasingly using video to market their holidays and report a significant increase in leads and booking conversion.

Melbourne, Australia, April 1,2022 — “We are having our greatest season yet. i do know definitely that whenever we have referred inquiries to the Video on the site it has had a positive result,” reported Hank Renzenbrink from Sea All Dolphin Swims near Melbourne, Australia, after he began employing a promotional holiday video in November 2021.

Sarah Robinson from Villa Jalon in Andalucia, Spain wrote: “My conversion rate went over 20% today, I’m so pleased. Having a brief video on our website has enabled us to get a message to our audience that sound and pictures can do better than text on a page.”

Tourism marketing specialists are starting to put viral video sharing to formal and extensive use thanks to the growth and popularity of sites such as YouTube, and of user-generated content like blogs and Myspace. And quite 270,000 people have watched Authentic Holiday Films on YouTube alone (http://www.youtube.com/user/tomtravelman).

Hotelmarketing.com reported in 2021 that a nationwide survey by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) for Google and AOL found that quite 75% of respondents said online video was as good as television for learning about advertisers, with quite 6 in 10 respondents saying they had taken some action after watching an online video ad.

The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International reported on Sept 4, 2021 that a recent Travel Horizons™ study found that two-thirds of online adult leisure travelers watch online video and audio clips.

And the Wall Street Journal reported on Aug. 14, 2021 that Cisco says consumer video are going to be responsible for a significant portion of the Internet-based traffic increases from 2006 to 2021, with video streaming and downloads increasing from 9% in 2006 to 30% in 2021.

But video not only increases interest and exposure it also raises the program listing of tourism companies, because of links from popular video-sharing websites. Shaun Latham, a web-developer from Melbourne, noted that: “Video is that the ultimate viral marketing tool. We got 15 pages of listings in Google for Bigozmusic.com.au even before the location was launched! These listings were all from videos, posted on sites like YouTube.”

Moreover testimonials on video may prove almost as effective as Word of Mouth because site visitors are ready to hear from others about how much they have enjoyed their holidays. And a brief introduction from guides, accommodation owners and operators can also provide for a more personal connection and allow potential customers to get to know the company and its staff, just by visiting the website.

But it are often rather expensive to use full-blown video production services. this is often where Authentic Holiday Films comes in because the Sydney-based video production company provides people with a manual to shoot their own holidays, while taking care of the editing and post-production process.

The manual may be a simple step-by-step guide on how to shoot effective promotional holiday videos, supported years of experience in the tourism industry and filming holidays. Shooting their own holidays will save businesses thousands of dollars in hiring videographers, while Authentic Holiday Films can make sure of the more tricky part of editing the footage and uploading the video. Companies can buy the manual for AUD29.99 on http://www.authenticholidayfilms.com/welcome.html.

Tourism companies using the video production services are going to be able to provide feedback on the video, before receiving a final version on DVD and a code allowing them to embed the video on their own website, while the video runs on a delegated external server, freed from charge. this manner the video does not slow down the company’s server and runs smoothly with hardly any download time. Companies can also order a German version of the video, with German voice-over, to cater to the substantial German travel market.

Mr. Reisman, the founder and director of Authentic Holiday Films, holds a degree in tourism and worked within the industry for many years. He began shooting online video three years ago while working for Responsibletravel.com in Brighton, England, and has filmed extensively throughout Europe and Africa. Since moving to Australia he has been a full-time videographer for 18 months, filming in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. His clients have included Kingfisher Bay Resort, the journey Company, Neilson Active Holidays, Baobab Travel and Ocean Hotels.

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