Online Advice from Your Vet for Cats on Delivery

One of the moments in the lives of cats that causes more anxiety to their owners is the delivery. First, it is necessary to recommend the cats neutered to prevent heat and unwanted reproduction. But if what is sought is to the animal’s offspring, here are some tips from your veterinarian for cats online .

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that birth is a natural time for the animal, so the nervousness and anxiety on the part of the owners can be very counterproductive. Remember that initially the domestic cats have a wild origin, so are well kept in its DNA all the policies necessary to carry out good childbirth.

Check with your veterinarian, who through some routine tests may determine the health of the mother and baby. Taking X-rays will be possible to know the exact number of puppies that the cat is waiting. Typically, the number of pups range between 4 and 7. When you expect more than five kittens, it is common that some will not survive. Remember that nature is wise and let the cat out those same cats who have no survival possibility (eg with deformities or ill).

As much as it hurts should not insist, because the survival of sick puppies is practically zero. The reason for this is that breastfeeding is what will guarantee the health of the offspring. By ignoring the sick cats, the cat did not caress or maintain their health as well not to feed them, will determine the death of these pups. We must remember that the way in which nature selects the fittest puppies to ensure the survival of the race.

The owner may find helpful in advance when the cat is about to give birth. It would be a good idea to seek a quiet place as a sink or a corner out of sight of visitors. So having some kind of cardboard or blanket that we can then throw the cat to give birth on it.

Finally, the most important advice of your veterinarian found cats do not bother her cat while giving birth. We all want to share “the miracle of life” with the children of the house. But the more people more nervous is present will the cat, which does not want to happen in order to make delivery easier and successful.

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