Siamese Cat Characteristics You Need Know

The Siamese cat is an animal of a magnetic beauty. History tells us that its origin dates back to the Kings of Siam, which is now known as Thailand, by the eighteenth century. Since beginning his real origin, since this species of cat only could be achieved only as a personal gift from the king. Thus the British ambassador was awarded one of these animals, and that was how he came to England, leaving for good this breed associated with luxury and distinction.

There are two varieties of Siamese data, the modern and traditional. The modern Siamese cat is head thinner and thinner, and keeps this particular coat color distribution of brown or white body and her face and legs black or dark brown.

This variety has short hair, lying close to body. The traditional Siamese cat, on the other hand, has a similar color distribution, although its form is different because it is much more rounded, in your face and mouth and in your body. This variety usually has blue eyes or blue and the tail tends to be shorter.

The intelligence of the Siamese cat is usually higher than other races. It is one of the few varieties that can be worn with a belt, it fits nicely to be walked down the street. Usually the owners make the mistake of wanting cloistered in small spaces, although it is advisable for the Siamese have a garden or a space where you can run free, it is very restless and active.

More marked than with the other cats, the Siamese has a special character. When something is not to your liking no less inconvenient to let me know. Stands out as the owner of the place where he lives, and you can get to get very moody if things are not done as he wishes.

When you are interested in heat and another cat may become very aggressive with other males to fight for his beloved. The Siamese cat is not usually friendly to people who do not know, but once that trust is born with the owner becomes your friend for life.

Despite liking the activity, the cat Siamese can be very lazy, sleep periods reaching up to 12 hours per day. Definitely, this is an animal to become attached and have it as a faithful companion.

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