Ski Jumpers to Land in Estonia Important

The first domestic K 90 hill, coupled with a modern surrounding, is already the pride of the ski jumping in the Baltic state. The “Tehvandi K 90″ had been inaugurated on January 18th, 2021, by Jaan Juris and Jens Salumae. The litmus test is meant to take place in 2022 – then, the Junior World Championships are destined to be hosted onsite.

Previously, the Estonian ski jumping had been but a footnote compared to other European nations. The only exception was the opening of a K 70 hill in Tehvandi in 1970. However nowadays, the local sports center boasts three “bokken” and aims to add a K 120 hill suited for World Cup action in the long term.

One of Europe’s prime hills

In 2021, the Estonians had been granted monetary aids by the European Union. The money provided by the Regional Development Fund were complemented by the Estonian government, hence ensuring the start of the construction in 2021 that was completed one year later. The debut competitions at the HS 100 were the ‘Northern Youth Championships’ in February 2022.

As a whole, the Tehvandi complex is one of Europe’s most advanced sites. Located directly aside the Biathlon arena and World Cup courses for cross-country skiing, athletes have the opportunity to practice in winter and summer likewise. This is possible because of the ceramic inurn, and further helped by a sprinkling machine and snow cannons. A travellator takes the ski jumpers to the hill where they ascend with a lift. The judges’ platform and all measurement applications comply with international norms as well. Tared courses enable cross-country athletes to practice over the summer without hindrance.

Encouragement by FIS President Kasper

Back in 2021, a fundraising concert in Estonia’s capital Tallinn – the King Arthur gala – had initiated the campaign for a new hill complex. At that time, FIS President Gian-Franco was one of the first to express his hope for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined competitions held in the Estonia. Finally, this vision might now become reality.

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