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Daisy Spring Cleans 255 Tonnes of CO2

Daisy Communications has started the new financial year with a business defining statement: to become the first ‘carbon neutral’ telecoms service provider.

Working alongside the Carbon Advice Group Plc, Daisy is looking to actively reduce its carbon emissions and has committed to offsetting its remaining carbon footprint.

The move complements a number of eco-friendly and energy efficient business practices already employed at the company and Daisy has chosen to offset its remaining carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits from a number of clean, renewable energy projects from around the world.

Daisy provides telecommunications services to more than 30,000 business customers and having listened closely to the regular feedback it receives from its base, the company has taken the decision to become carbon neutral.

Product and Marketing Director Stuart Corrodingly said: “Daisy Communications takes its environmental obligations seriously and we are proud to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on our surroundings. We are pleased to be able to report to our customers, business partners and staff that we will continue to have nothing but the highest environmental credentials.

“Working with the Carbon Advice Group Plc, Daisy Communications has created an effective strategy to reduce and offset its carbon footprint – we hope that our customers recognise the value of our actions.”

To coincide with its announcement, Daisy Communications held a “Green Day” at its Lancashire offices, with staff encouraged to ditch their cars and make their way to work in a more environmentally friendly way, rewarded with breakfasts and eco-prizes.

Matthew Sullivan, CEO of Carbon Advice Group Plc, commended Daisy on its positive action to reduce and offset its carbon emissions.

“We are delighted that Daisy is taking such clear, positive action to reduce and offset the unavoidable emissions of their everyday actions,” he said.

“Daisy has taken the carbon reduction and offsetting message to their customers, stakeholders and staff and have chosen to play a lead role in spreading that awareness.“
Daisy Communications and Carbon Advice Group Plc have developed an ongoing programme to encourage others to calculate, reduce and offset their own carbon footprint. Full details will be announced shortly – watch this space!

Working alongside the Carbon Advice Group plc, Daisy Communications is eradicating its carbon footprint by offsetting its day-to-day energy outlay from gas, electricity and company car usage.

Daisy is offsetting the annual 255 tones of carbon dioxide currently emitted annually through standard business activities.

Eco-friendly contributions already in place at Daisy Communications:

Technology – Thanks to the £¼ million implementation of a bespoke customer relationship management system (CRM), Daisy has already been able to offer improved customer service, improved flexibility and been able to embrace a more “green” working environment, with new starters trained to fully utilize the technology and abandon paper-based resources.

Customers – Customers have also been helping the company with more than 61% of the 30,000 base now utilizing daisy’s e-billing facility. By converting these customers from paper-based to web-based billing, expenditure on paper, envelopes and postal charges, as well as the energy used in the transportation of the bill has been reduced.

Staff – a staff car sharing incentive offering priority parking and free breakfasts means that more than 20 cars have been taken off the road. By giving the encouragement to leave vehicles at home, staff are actively taking part in the company’s energy reduction.

About Daisy Communications

Daisy was established in 2001 by entrepreneur Matthew Riley, who is sole owner of the company.
The company provides business communications to more than 30,000 end user business customers.
Competing in a fragmented reseller market in which approximately 1,000 others operate, daisy views BT as its biggest competitor.
Daisy’s range of solutions includes fixed and mobile voice, data and IP, standard and specialist non-geographical numbers along with line rental and provisioning.
Success is driven by both organic growth and a proven acquisition model, with 18 completed in the past two years.
Ranked number one in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and more recently placed 18th in Deloitte’s Fast 50 chart.

About Carbon Advice Group Plc

Carbon Advice Group is an international venture that provides web based technologies to enable individuals and businesses to leverage their brands and create their own carbon calculating and offsetting websites. Each partner site provides easy-to-use carbon footprint calculations and a method to purchase carbon offsets so that their customers, clients, suppliers and staff can go online, find out their carbon footprint and purchase an equivalent amount of carbon offsets.

Every person and business leaves a carbon footprint, most notably through travel and energy consumption. Each branded partner website enables its audience to take responsible action to calculate, reduce and offset the unavoidable emissions of their everyday actions. The Carbon Advice Group partner programme lets people take the carbon reduction and offset message to their personal community/network/business and take a lead role in spreading that awareness.

Carbon Advice Group’s chairman is Oliver Rothschild, and the company’s board comprises a number of respected, successful individuals who all share the same concern for the environment. The company’s ethos is to provide innovative solutions available cross borders to encourage individuals and businesses to become actively involved in the fight to address climate change. Our organization seeks to act as transparently as possible and to provide a world class service, working with companies that are acknowledged leaders in their field. The company is working with DECC (UK Department of Energy and Climate Change) to secure approval under the government’s voluntary code of practice for carbon offsetting companies.

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