Choosing the Right type of Franking Machine for your Business

If you are looking for Franking Machines for your company, then you must keep in mind that there are different types of machines available that vary in terms of their technology and capability. When these machines are ranked on the basis of capability, it is considered on the basis of the volume of tasks that can be completed. When you have to choose the right Franking Machine, the following information would be of great help.

One of the most important aspects of Franking Machines are the postage scales. The type of postage, whether it is domestic or international, and the mail’s weight determines the cost of posting any mail. The postage scale used can be manual or mechanical, or digital, which determines the postage cost. The manual machines have a postage scale that is used for weighing the mails and providing a reference table that mentions the amount and value of the stamps needed for the weight of the postage.

Since, a manual Franking Machine is prone to human errors, they are not ideal for handling large number of mails. These machines may cost less compared to the modern electronic or digital machines, but they are useful only for smaller businesses or home-based businesses.

The electronic machines feature electronic displays and sophisticated keypads. The key advantage over the mechanical machines is that they calculated the postage costs electronically. In addition, the mail is printed with the postage using a dye.

The digital Franking Machines are the most advanced machines that use a pressure-sensor microprocessor and a digital display that shows the mail’s weight. The information regarding the rate is fed into the system so that it can carry out the calculation and display the precise postage rate needed for sending the mail. Some of the modern digital machines can even be updated with the latest postage rates online.

Additionally, some of these models can also be used for handling heavy mails and multiple carriers. In the case of multiple carriers, the pricing can vary from one carrier to another and the digital machine can calculate the cost for each one.

A digital Franking Machine prints the stamp on the mail based upon the cost calculated by the scale. It would also print the Information Based Indicia or IBI that gathers crucial postal information using bar codes. In the past, the manual machines had to be taken to the post office to be reset.

However, with the digital technology, extra postage can be ordered on the phone. The unique thing is that it is possible to choose any type of scale for your machine but the modern digital machines are going to cost more than the manual machines.

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