What is Mark Warren Internet Entrepreneur? You Should Know

Many of those in the marketing world are familiar with self-made millionaire at 23 years of age, Mark Warren’s, book entitled, The Ultimate Wealth Package. For many years, much hype was made about this book and how it promised to unfold marketing secrets to generate sales through traffic and affiliate marketing. While the book contained many truths and taught many key points about affiliate marketing, many questioned Mark Warren’s credibility.

If you type his name into a search engine online, you will find various sites questioning the validity of his practice. Many skeptics purchased and read his book, and afterward made claims that he brought a lot of good points to the table. Thus, many sites out there promote Mark Warren and how he helped revolutionize a piece of the marketing world.

Many claim they began reading his book hesitantly, because it was so popular. However, reading statements like this drew them in. “If I told you I have a system that runs on autopilot where you could earn $200 to $1000+ every day working as little as 30 minutes, would you be interested?”

On the other hand, many individuals researched his business practices and questioned if he might be a shill. They watched large volumes of consumers hit and hit this site over and over again. These skeptics questioned how long this individual would stay on top.

One particular website questioned the identity of Warren and took the shill idea one step further. They accused Mark Jenney of Barberton, Ohio, posing as Mark Warren, a shill identity. They also tied “Danny’s Scam Review” online to Mark Warren.

Well, as time went on, sure enough all was revealed. Mark Jenney ended up being behind multiple “proxy domain names” and falsifying testimonials and reviews of his book. Basically, Jenney set up bogus websites that appeared to review scams. He would say that he tried and tested “x” amount of online, money making opportunities, but only found two that work. Those two would be his sites. Then, he would go and set up another website under another name, making the same claims. Eventually, people caught on, because the same e-mails, stories, and set-ups were generated. In addition, the sites acted more like get rich quick banner ads.

Is Mark Warren / Mark Jenney’s book worth reading? Tough call. Given the scams he has pulled online, my guess is that he probably does not have more to say on the subject of marketing than the next Joe. You make the call. Many still accredit him for advancing the marketing world. However, you have to ask yourself, are these legitimate, trustworthy, concrete reviews? Or are they simply affiliates of Jenney or Jenny, himself, acting as a shill? That’s the problem with dishonesty. Once you falsify information, all credibility goes out the door.

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