The iPhone 4S-Some Super Games Available

The iPhone 4S is the perfect mobile phone for gaming fans. The phones high powered A5 chipset along with the superb quality Retina display means that gaming fans can enjoy a variety of games that come close to rivaling the kind of experience you would expect from some consoles. Here we look at some of the titles that show this excellent model off to its full potential.

The iPhone 4S offers seven times the graphics performance of the iPhone 4 so gaming fans will notice a big difference in how various titles look. Infinity Blade is the game that was demonstrated by Apple at the launch of the 4S and it is undoubtedly the title that best demonstrates the excellent quality that this model can offer.

Graphically the game is faultless and the 960 x 640 Retina display is perfect for displaying every inch of detail that the game can offer. Infinity Blade is a title in which you have to dual with a series of characters in order to progress. The gameplay is excellent and is a nice change from the traditional fighting games that are available. If you prefer a “shoot me up” type of game then you will be hard pressed to find a better title than Shadowrun.

Once again the graphics are faultless and the game also offers a high level of artificial intelligence that is unusual on mobile titles and normally reserved for more specialist console games. If these style of games are your passion then it is also worth having a look at Dead Space and N.O.V.A which are other excellent releases.

The iPhone 4S offers some games which we have grown to love on consoles over the years. There are a wealth of sporting games available with the new FIFA 12 release proving one of the most popular but for an example of a truly superb iPhone 4S download then you should look no further than Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012, another title from EA Sports. This game offers a variety of different modes from a full tour to mini challenges in which you can compete against your Facebook friends.

NBA Jam is another games that was a hit in the nineties and has now found its way onto the iPhone 4S. This fun basketball simulation offers a host of current NBA stars together with an easy control system that makes playing the game both simple and fun.

The iPhone 4S is much more than just a great phone. As a portable games console this device offers the processing power and screen quality to compete with many modern consoles. It seems that games developers have acknowledged this fact and have provided the phone with a great range of titles to suit fans of all ages.

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