The most prominent areas of nursing research

Nursing is a vital cog keeping the US healthcare machine running smoothly and efficiently. Nurses are integral to preventing illness, promoting recovery, and caring for patients, but with increased stress on the healthcare system, it is becoming ever more critical to evolve our nursing practices. We must use new technology and innovation to streamline processes. Ultimately, we must become more efficient, delivering better care in less time for less cost. Here are some exciting nursing research areas aiming to make that happen. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

AI and machine learning will change workplaces across all industries, not just in nursing, improving efficiency in research, clinical trials, and care delivery. According to McKinsey research, it’s estimated that AI could save the US healthcare industry $100bn annually by shortening the gap between AI and the enormous amounts of knowledge and data we have access to and applying it to nursing practices. 

Remote patient monitoring 

Remote patient monitoring is another huge area of nursing research. Remote monitoring devices monitor many factors, including blood pressure, heart conditions, sleep apnea, etc. Remote monitoring allows more patients to be monitored in less time while freeing up nurses, reducing physical travel and patient/nurse infection risk. 

Wearable medical devices 

The development of wearable medical devices makes monitoring extremely convenient, while also providing real-time data and alerts. Real-time information allows nurses to analyze key information and look at vital signs remotely, as devices can be worn at home and in the hospital. A wearable device may track sleep, blood pressure, temperature, calories, and heart rate, freeing up nurse time, saving hospital space, and reducing costs. 


Robotics is one of the most exciting and prominent areas of nursing research. Surgical robots help with all manner of nursing duties. For example, robots can conduct administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, dispensing medication, and drawing blood. Robotic assistants tackle daily nursing tasks, freeing nurses up for more essential duties. 

Mobile workstations 

Mobile workstations are a super-efficient method of conducting patient care at home or in the hospital. Stations include medical-grade computers and sections to carry essential testing and monitoring equipment. This saves physically moving vulnerable patients and allows nurses to come to patients, not vice versa. 

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It is no doubt that there will be some exciting areas of nursing research in 2023. Innovative methods, which can save the US healthcare systems billions of dollars, free up time, improve efficiency, and, most importantly, allow nurses to deliver better care. 

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