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Why does Keyword Research play such an important role in our SEO campaigns? The answer is simple. If the wrong keywords are targeted, then neither the search engines nor the potential customers will ever be able to locate your site. This in turn will result in a lot of meaningless rankings, lost revenues and wasted hours. If you want to be at power with the competition, then you cannot afford to make such a disastrous mistake.

SEO Consulting Services India breaks down this process into five easy steps. They are:

1.Letting go of any Myths and misconceptions:

SEO Consulting Services India has had an opportunity to work with a wide array of clients around the globe. Their expertise in this field has made them learn that the most common misconceptions about keyword research for SEO campaigns is the belief that you already know which words a customer would use to find your web site. Another myth is that generic terms play a big role in rankings, hence, web owners often go after these terms even if it has nothing to do with their site.

2.Developing a list but checking it twice:

The trick is to start slowly. The idea of keyword research can be daunting. Hence you need to take your time and come up with the perfect combination of words that would drive customers to your site.

3.Trust the Keyword Research tool:

Always trust the research tools, while trying to narrow down your list. Try to include only the highly attainable phrases that will bring the most qualified traffic to your site.

4.Finalize your list:

Once you have tested all the words on the list you need to choose the terms that will make it into your coveted final keyword list. But always make sure that your list has a mix of both broad and targeted keywords.

5.Come up with an action plan:

While launching these words always make sure that they are a part of the title tag, headings as well as the anchor text.

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SEO Consulting Services India, is a successful and professional SEO consultant company. Their Marketing solutions not only increase a sites exposure, but drastically increase sales and profits.

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