.Me Domain Names Few Reasons Why You Should Invest In Them

.me domain names are presently the most happening type of Domains in the TLD world. .me has an incredible potential for those who want to own a blog, website, photo album or anything else. That’s simply because there is no better way of letting people know that your domain is all about you. In the entire history of Internet, it is the first time that domain names are so personal. But this does not mean that it cannot be used for business. In fact, .me Domain names are being used as an inviting business marketing tool.

What You Must Know

Before you invest in Domains it important that you know how the market works on the Internet. Top level domains are growing each day. Different people have different opinions about .me domains. According to some these domain names are a great way of making more cash and for others it opens up a complete new world of domain name market to those who missed it on .com.

Since .me has a universal appeal, a high demand is expected. This newly released TLD is arousing so much of interest because of several reasons. Firstly, the word “me” is completely understood and commonly used in all English speaking nations. Another reason for the popularity of .me is the fact that it is easy to remember and in a lot of cases it can be cased to the brand.

Some Facts

• Everyone and anyone, regardless of which country he/she belongs, can administer and register this domain name. Registration or administration is completely on first-come first-served basis.
• You must buy the .me domain name only from an ICANN accredited dealer since it is ICANN that is responsible for assignment and management of IP addresses and domain names. This would mean that you are dealing directly with ICANN registrar.
• Minimum registration period for .me is 1 year and the maximum registration period is for 10 years.
• .me domain auto-renews itself on expiration date.

The only fact that can deter you from buying .me domain names is the fact that it is priced much higher than .com domains even when popularity of .com domains is much more than .me domain names. Moreover, about seventy million dot coms have already been sold. Also almost every virtual registrar sells .coms and they are much easier to buy. Then what is driving people crazy about .me domain names?

It is difficult for people to buy a .com of their choice. Since the best names have already been sold out, even if a few are available, they come at a premium. With .me domain names, you can choose a website name of your choice and make it completely personalized.

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