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New Website From Property Care Association

A specialist UK trade body has developed a new website to give home- possessors the inside track on how to attack a range of property protection issues- from dry spoilage, through to waterproofing basement transformations. The Property Care Association( PCA), has developedwww.property-care.org to bring together a fact- filled point of reference for damp proofing and timber treatment, as well as structural waterproofing and structural conservation. For homeowners – or implicit homeowners – the website also offers advice on property checks and contractor insurance. The information is supported by a short online videotape available, as well as case studies, to give an all round picture of the Association and its work. There’s also a comprehensive hunt installation to enable people to find a estimable contractor, surveyor or product manufacturer in their original area. Yasmin Chopin, principal superintendent of the PCA, formerly the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association( BWPDA), said “ For home- possessors, chancing out further about the type of work can be relatively complex, but this new website tackles the subject in an accessible and instructional way. “ The areas in which our members work are largely technical and specialized and it’s important that consumers admit the right information on property protection issues from a estimable source, because poor quality advice and workmanship can produce serious problems to a property in the long run, and beget fiscal difficulty. “ By choosing a PCA member, guests will profit from the fact that their problem will be rightly diagnosed, the work will be done by professed and educated operatives and that a guarantee is in place that, if anything goes wrong, it’ll be put right. ”
The PCA is a member of TrustMark, the scheme supported by the Government to help property possessors find dependable and secure tradespeople to make home advancements.

Its UK-wide list of contractor members are all precisely vetted before being awarded class- and are also subject to rigorous auditing procedures formerly admitted to the Association. As well as delivering a trusted form procedure, PCA members are suitable to carry out specialist checks as part of the house- buying procedure to identify implicit problems – as well as a range of other services designed to save and cover homes and structures across the UK. To find a PCA member across the UK, homeowners can log onto the Association’s websitewww.property-care.org and elect the ‘ Find A Member ’ service. The Property Care Associationwww.property-care.orgTelephone 08701216737 ENDS Notes To Editors The Property Care Association has been in actuality for five times as part of the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association( BWPDA) but in 2006 officially came an independent trade body, along with the Wood Protection Association. Although a fairly new trade body, the Property Care Association has inherited the stability and professional strengths of the BWPDA and its 75 time history.

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