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Finally Garden Most Beautiful Lighting for the DIY Man

Further people are joining the trend to light their auditoriums , for both decoration and security. Now RF UK Limited is launches a new long awaited series of light fittings for out-of-door use that makes it simple to light the theater yourself.

RF UK Limited and Manufacturer Mark Slojd of Sweden have joined forces to bring ‘ The Chrissline Garden System ’ to the UK
“ The simplicity of installation and the capability to extend the out-of-door lighting was the focus when we produced Chrissline Garden. Everybody will be suitable to use it”, says Kenny Carlson, MD of Mark Sloid.

In normal cases it requires fairly large investment from home possessors in order to install out-of-door lighting. But with the new Chrissline Garden this is a thing of the history. The only thing needed is a introductory idea of where and how to place the lighting. The fitting is pushed, with the aid of practical pikestaffs, into the ground and also links together simply with the system. There’s no need to bury lines or install new electrics. In other words – no difficulties.
The new system builds on Markslöjds before Chrissline Christmas light chains. A system that has a large selection of fittings and accessories. The advantage is also that all products in the system can be connected.

“ We know that the request is ready for this the type of product and we’ve got a veritably positive response. The simplicity of Chrissline Garden is easy installation combined with the quality and design of the products, there’s also no need for big mills or the use of an electrician. The Chrissline System simply entrapments into a power socket. “ says Andy Williams- Ferns, MD of RF UK Limited.

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