Affordable Holistic Education From Online Distance University

Holistic education for the mind, body, and spirit designed to teach tomorrow’s globally conscious leaders is the goal of this online distance university offering an affordable, virtual education.

Panama City, Republic of Panama – Each professor at the Universal University online distance learning school teaches in such how as to enrich each student so they can maintain a holistic perspective on life.

“This means our professors and courses reflect a mind-set of wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. we’ve also created each certificate program, career diploma and degree with a holistic mind-set,” explained Dr. Arianni Masters, Ph.D., one among the founders of the school.

“We encourage our students and school to live from a place of love and support rather than fear and competition. We hope to possess a positive impact on those that enter our university so that they can in turn have a positive influence on others around the globe,” she added.

Universal University is accredited and offers a very global education, with faculty from round the world. Professors are highly trained, and have masters and doctoral degrees from noted international universities.

The school requires undergraduates to take classes in things such as Cultural Diversity, Interpersonal Communication, Peace Studies, and World Religions so as to better deal with and understand the world around them.

“We also encourage our faculty to form each course as practical as possible not just theoretical. We hope that each one of our students grow personally, socially, and professionally through our programs,” said Masters.

Universal University offers professional certifications and degree programs through a web learning program. Students can attend classes at any time of the day or night consistent with their own schedule. Students are ready to work through each class at their own pace.

The cost of tuition at this accredited university may be the most affordable of any private school in the world at only $50 per credit hour for undergraduate work and just $100 for graduate work. Masters said the utilization of Internet technology to deliver an education enables tuition to be kept to a minimum. She is hopeful that a lot of students who could not otherwise afford an education can now do so.

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