ESERP Expanding its Contacts in Mexico

ESERP Business School in September attended a prestigious college fairs held in Mexico City and Monterrey. In them, hundreds of attendees expressed interest in the college and University Degrees Masters and MBA taught online form or in person at any of the three sites that have ESERP Business School in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Palma de Mallorca).

Besides attending the fairs mentioned, Prof. Joan Coll, Academic Coordinator ESERP Masters and MBA Business School, visited the prestigious Monterrey Tech and EGADE Business School, in its main campus located in the city of Monterrey.

The important Instituto Technologic y de Studios Superiors de Monterrey has 31 campuses all over Mexico. It is one of the most recognized universities internationally, specifically EGADE has several of the most important quality accreditations American and European.

Following the March signing of a collaboration agreement with these educational institutions, the objective of ESERP Business School in this new meeting was formalizing an initial agreement that allows and regulates specific ways of collaboration between research departments and teacher training level.

The business school back in Mexico ESERP having reported their study methodology to hundreds of attendees at educational fairs and different partnerships that allow virtually closed this Business School strengthen ties with Mexican university students and masters.

About ESERP Business School

With a history linked to excellence has established ESERP after 25 years as one of the business schools most prestigious in our country, with four of his master ranked among the top five of its area in 2011 (according to ranking of World ).

The center has own offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma de Mallorca and is officially authorized to provide university level education, postgraduate and online masters and face. ESERP has a large international vocation and has agreements with various international universities such as Staffordshire University (UK) and the Faculty of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden (Germany).

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