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A Marketing Connection Introduces New Media Marketing Package

A Marketing Connection, a web healthcare marketing firm, announced the launch of their New Media Marketing Package. The New Media Marketing Package is a web marketing distribution system that distributes wellness articles and other health related educational information online and locally, increasing a practitioner’s visibility on the web and in their community. The New Media Marketing Package allows healthcare marketers to deliver relevant content via social marketing, handout and article distribution channels, and thru organic website optimization techniques.

Kelly Robbins, CEO and founding father of A Marketing Connection, Inc., recommends that practitioners and physicians both automate and systemize the bulk of their marketing initiatives. “Automating certain marketing tasks, like blogging, posting educational content online and physically within the practice, and regularly distributing press releases and materials locally ensures healthcare organizations are getting the word out about what’s going on in their industry and educating their community on important health topics on a frequent and consistent basis”, says Robbins.

What’s unique about the New Media Marketing Package is that the content is customized and affordable for smaller practices which will not have tens of thousands of dollars a month to spend on advertising. “There may be a unique need in the healthcare industry for a wide dissemination of educational information, and a scarcity of funds for practitioners and clinicians. Leveraging the tutorial information with modern marketing techniques helps brings practitioners to the 21st century and meets the needs of the community.”

About A Marketing Connection:

A Marketing Connection, Inc., based in Broomfield, Colo., has provided custom copywriting and marketing coaching/consulting since 2000. they provide a range of products and services for the health care industry, including copywriting, marketing consulting, coaching, and teaching. They also publish a weekly ezine, The Healthcare Marketing Connection, which provides marketing tips and resources for marketers within the health care industry.

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