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What is Super Viral Marketing? You Should Know

Viral marketing has many definitions. A short and good one is: ‘any item that propagates itself’.

In daily life, viral marketing happens all the time. It’s word of mouth advertising. We share precious information, great bargains or valuable things we were able to get with family and friends. Maybe out of love or just to make ourselves look good, but whatever the reason, what we pass on must be good. Because, only then those who receive will do exactly the same. That’s viral marketing.

What makes this technique so beautiful is that it’s completely free and everyone benefits from it. Or, to put it differently, it actually is one of those extraordinary win/win situations.

The concept of viral marketing is an old idea made new again by the Internet. One of the first to introduce it online was Hotmail. At the bottom of every message that was send, they included a line to get your own free Hotmail account. So, one user, without undertaking any other effort than sending an email, was responsible for signing up one, two, three or many others and they on their turn just did the same. It exploded.

Viral Marketing
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Which proves that the online viral marketing process actually can be very simple. All you have to do is find a valuable, in-demand resource and give it away to your visitors.
Of course we wouldn’t be good Internet marketers if we didn’t include something to generate more traffic or to make money.

There are many ways you could set up your own viral marketing system. One of the many techniques of viral marketing is using E-books. It should result in attracting targeted visitors to your websites where you can convert them into subscribers and even customers and subscribers to your business and in attracting targeted visitors to your website.

If you want to set up a viral marketing campaign, you should make sure that:

the product or service has an added value for the sender as well as the receiver,
your offer has to be deliverable, even if demand grows rapidly,
your offer has to be easily transferable to others, like sending an email or referring to a web page,
you should make a clear call to action in your message, thus avoiding any doubt what you want the recipients to do.
If you use viral marketing to build a list or sell a product, your main goal will be to get the email addresses from people interested in your topic. So, somewhere in your ebook there’s a call for action to sign up for your newsletter, e-course or updates. Thus you can get back to your prospects.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a viral ebook is tracking links. In most ebooks, links are directly to the destination page. Thus, you’ll never know how many clicks each of those links get. Besides, IF that page is deleted, you’ll never can update the URL in the ebook.
Therefore it’s a good solution to use a tracker of some sort and link to there. Thus you can measure the success of your ebook AND you can update the destination URL whenever necessary.

Most viral e-books include an affiliate program. Readers can become affiliates (call to action!), re-brand your ebook using their affiliate-ID and give it away to their lists, friends, visitors or whatever. Whenever a reader buys through their re-branded link, the affiliate will make a (hopefully) nice commission.

There are many viral ebooks on the Net and if you’re around for some time, I’m sure you’ve seen them in action already. It’s a great way to generate traffic, get some attention and sell your products.

Consider using viral marketing yourself. Study the process.
Let me give you one of the very best examples that you can find on the Internet today. Developed by Harvey Segal, also known as Mr. Supertips.

It’s so ingenious, so well thought out.
Harvey doesn’t even squeeze your email address out of you!
If you click the link below, reserve some more time than usual to download, open and read the product.
Watch what happens when you click any link.
See how it’s done, be alert, make notes!

Here’s the link: Ultimate SuperTips.

Study this superior viral marketing system and let me know what you think.
Did you discover all the secrets?
Post your comments below.

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