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Tenant Screening Service Related Information You Need Know

The association between a landlord and renter is extremely significant. It has never been easy to trust one’s property to tenants. However, with E-Renter.com it’s become extremely easy and convenient to make sure that your property is in safe hands. You can take the risk out of renting and sleep well. E-Renter.com provides high quality services to clients who require information about tenants, and potential employees. Commercial accounts have 24/7 instant access to consumer credit reports, criminal records, eviction records and a wide range of other instant reports. Property Managers also have access to Business Credit Reports online and can even submit debtors into collection online Individual landlords have access to reports online within the hour. E-Renter.com takes pride in the thoroughness, accuracy and quality of their services that are rendered in a timely manner. No hidden fees or surprise charges. Only pay for the reports you order.

The database at E-Renter.com is large and comprehensive. Our data comes from an extensive range of sources including national credit bureaus, Departments of Corrections, County Courts, etc. Search online with instant results. Just fill in the particulars and there will be more information than you need. Conduct instant searches on rent payment patterns to employment records; on available credit to items in collection; and bankruptcies to driving records and judgments. There is a special search engine incorporated to provide for a dedicated search on any criminal records and sexual offenders. Reports are easy to access with results shown online. Log on to E-Renter.com to find about the pricing information. Be informed about your tenant!

There is also a section that allows employee screening. Before hiring an individual, his background can be verified; credit and criminal history can be checked and his professional track record can be scanned. Reduce your business liability and avoid costly law suits by screening your prospective employees. Shouldn’t you know their background before you give an employee a company vehicle and send them into your customer’s home?

E-Renter.com is a one stop resource that gives you insight into all that there is to know about managing your rented property and avoiding and eliminating bad employee risks. Forget about problems, lawsuits and countless headaches. Feel secure in your decisions and enjoy being a landlord with E-Renter.com!

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