My Experience about HCG Diet side effects

Recently more and more people are overweight, and more and more people are using different ways to lose their weight and keep their body in good state. But have you ever thought about that using a wrong way to lose weight may do great harm to your health. Some claims that there are dangers associated with the use of HCG when used for weight loss.

However, according to my experience about this amazing product, I want to say that is absolutely safe to have hcg drops side effects and it will surely help you lose your weight.

I remember it was 5 months ago; I was still a fat man at that time. My body is not in a good shape, sometimes my friend laughed at me. And they say, hay, why don’t you just do some exercise or to have some pills to lose some weight. Of course, I know I need to lose my weight, but how?

I have tried exercise, the more I do the exercise, the more I ate. I am so disappointed at myself that I can’t control myself from eating so much. So I tried another way which was eat less, in the first a few days, I managed to lose a few pounds. But a few days later, I can’t hold on anymore. I just got back to normal diet and become fat again. So after all these experiences, I started to try some other ways like the HCG diet side effects.

HCG and some other ways of diet are thought of having some potential dangers. Some people’s health has been harmed by these products. Therefore, people started to think it is unsafe to do it. When I first try HCG, I was actually a little afraid. I was not sure about the effect. I just gave it a shot as my friend John suggested.
A few days later was surprised by the effect of the hcg side effects in women, I had lost my extra weight and became a slim person again. And more importantly, I am a healthy and happy person now.

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