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How to Start a Wood Stove- You Need Know

A wood stove will give your room a new look, offering a comfortable and warm which will become the star of your home in winter. But before installing, it is recommended that you planets a number of factors, for its proper functioning depends heavily on proper installation.

Aspects to consider installing the wood stove

The first thing we recommend is to check the flue. In case you still do not own conduit, you should check whether it is feasible that you can install that requires the stove in question. It is also important that the room where it is installed has a good ventilation, because the wood combustion consumes oxygen.

Another aspect that can not lose sight of is the space available, keeping in mind that you must respect minimum safety distances with other items, which are usually indicated by the manufacturer or distributor. You should save around a distance of 1.2 m. You should pay particular attention to items such as carpets, curtains and furniture of wood or plastic.

Thus, the size of the range depends on these two issues, and essential that is not too small or too big to enjoy it and optimally fulfill its function. Due to the high heat output of wood stoves are not recommended for installation in small rooms.

To ensure proper operation of the stove is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to the type and size of wood you should use. You should never use treated wood such as varnished or chipboard, for example. Nor can burn plastic and other household waste, as it would both get dirty and highly polluting as stove pipes. It is advisable to use such a fruit tree wood, like the olive.

To turn it off you must add fuel stop and wait a while before the fire to extinguish it if you try shutting off the air inlets occur gases. Do not forget to regularly monitor the fire while the stove stays on.

Maintenance of the stove

As for maintenance, regular cleaning will ensure the life of the appliance. At the start of the season have to wipe any traces tube soot that collects in the outlet pipe to avoid burning out. We recommend that you clean the outside with a dry cloth, never with products that can be abrasive.

In addition, from time to time you remove the ash from inside and periodically give a review of the hand of a qualified professional. When the season ends you can plug the duct with a paper ball and thoroughly clean inside.

In conclusion, remember that a wood stove must meet minimum standards and requirements to ensure correct operation, safety for your family and respect for the environment.

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