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Go Green and Save Money with Solar Hot Water Rebates

Ecosmart recently introduced solar hot water rebate programs so that you can save our Mother Earth, along with saving your money. Depending on your locality, you can enjoy solar hot water rebates offered by Federal Government in Australia.

This initiative would greatly reduce your annual energy consumption and as a result would help you in saving money and precious fossil-fuel based energy. Once you are committed on reducing your non-renewable energy consumption, you become eligible for the rebates offered by Government of Australia. Ecosmart now offers you these exciting solar hot water rebates with RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates.

RECs are created depending on your location, model of the equipment, volume and capacity of the solar water heater. Due to these factors and other parameters that are dynamic in nature, the value of RECs may change. And, as per the law, you can trade, purchase, or sell your REC and this makes the installation of solar water heater even cheaper. Ecosmart developed their solar hot water rebate program based on this concept so that you will save money once you install the heater, and also every year thereafter.

Once you decide to purchase an EcoSmart solar hot water equipment, your dealer will help you in redeeming your RECs. He or she will pay you as per the current market rate of the RECs and with this solar hot water rebate, your cost of purchase and installation will come down drastically.

As EcoSmart systems are much more efficient compared to other equivalent capacity systems, you will enjoy higher solar hot water rebates in terms of higher REC values. Once you explore the ecosmart website, you can quickly find out the value of your RECs with the zone code. You can also find out how much RECs and solar hot water rebate you can earn on various models depending on their capacity.

You can download a PDF application form from Ecosmart’s website or can call the dealers directly for a free appraisal. The current REC rate is around $38 and you can right away calculate the solar hot water rebate you can have on your purchase.

From the website, you can also search the location of ecosmart dealers and call them up directly. The dealer network of ecosmart is quite strong and you will find them in Albury, Valley, Canberra, and many other places if you are in New South Wales/ACT. For solar hot water rebates in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania you can find an ecosmart dealer in your city.

Ecosmart also has their no-interest easy pay scheme where you save even more with your solar hot water rebates. With “Easypay” you enjoy a 24-month zero interest repayment plan that makes the whole proposition even more exciting. Ecosmart also has an able and prompt service team that attends to your call within 24 hours. Therefore, get your solar hot water rebate and install the top-rated and efficient ‘green’ equipment within 24 hours and make your winter days comfortable, responsibly. Your initiative will go a long way in saving the earth for your next generation.

Solar hot water rebates would make the use of alternative energy more popular. Solar hot water rebate will make the world a better place to live in.

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