Georgio Takounakis – A Renowned Makeup Stylist of Washington DC

A great makeup has the capacity to improve the whole look of the person including the outfit and the accessories that the person is wearing. Georgio Takounakis is a well known name in the makeup industry and who is popular for offering flawless makeup to his customers. Georgio has built a professional career as a makeup stylist of Washington DC.

It is his proper knowledge of bettering the features that makes him one of the most popular beauty and makeup artists today. He is a passionate professional makeup stylist having a rich experience of 10 years in the field of beauty and grooming. His vast knowledge combined with creative talent and artistic style clearly makes him stand out in the world of makeup and grooming.

Georgio has turned into a renowned brand expert makeup artist who has worked with over 50 different beauty brands. He has great desire for learning and grasping latest techniques. He includes the latest styling and fashion trends in the makeup industry.

He also loves to raise the new and upcoming brands. He is on a steady look out for the most effective products available in the market in order to provide his clients with non-paralleled services.

Georgio is a one man powerhouse who does all his own photography and videography by himself. He presently works for the leader in Blow Out salons, Drybag. He has a YouTube channel that is developing and is using it as a way to display brands in a visual manner which will capture the target audience attention in a different way. He is also an excellent blogger titled “Georgio Not Armani” where he shares everything.

About The Company:

​Georgio Takounakis is a well-known name in the makeup industry. He is a celebrity makeup stylist, and Entrepreneur who offers Glam services, Lashes and Accessories to make you look your best at any occasion. You can visit to know more.

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