Dracula Halloween Tour in Romania Most Beautiful Spend Time

What an ideal and unique way to discover Halloween! In the home of the real life Dracula, Vlad Tepes himself. just one time a year this tour is offered in Romania and reservations are now being accepted. A specialist local guide , born and raised in Transylvania, will take you on a visit to see the many monuments, castles, and medieval towns referring to Dracula. Some faithful the historic figure Vlad “Impaler” Tepes, some fictional consistent with Bram Stoker’s novel, et al. still uncertain. Take a journey through the paranormal and enchanting Transylvania, Dracula’s lair!!

Highlights of the Halloween tour include a number of Romania’s most prized sights. like Bran Castle (dubbed Dracula’s Castle), Sighisoara (the Birthplace of the important Dracula), Poenari Castle (Dracula’s Real Castle), Borgo Pass (The fictional route to Dracula’s Castle), and such medieval towns as Brasov and Sibiu. we’ve also planned some special dinner’s, like Club Dracula in Bucharest, Dinner within the birthplace of Dracula (Sighisoara), a Dracula show with dinner in Castle Dracula Hotel, and a special dinner by camp fire in Bran; with traditional plum brandy, bacon, hand-crafted sausages, all fried on the camp fire with wine .

Starting off in Bucharest where you will be met by your English speaking tour guide at the international airport. On the thanks to your hotel enjoy a basic tour of the city. For tonight’s dinner you’ll be welcomed to “Club Dracula” to enjoy an amusing evening in this unique restaurant. The atmosphere soaks up the with Dracula lovers, both the fictional Bram Stoker’s character to the Vlad himself, from the servers to the plates and even the wall paper.

The subsequent day we are off to Poenari Castle, which is mentioned as the real Dracula Castle. Now in ruins this castle sits on a cliff which demands a hike up the 1,400 stairs to succeed in the top. this is often where the famous scene took place when Dracula’s wife flung herself from the window into the murk waters opting death over being captured by the Turks. it’s said that Vlad escaped by horse back through the mountain during this ferocious attack.

Then onto Sighisoara, the birth place of Dracula. This ancient citadel is among one among the only still inhabited in Europe. An appropriate stay for Halloween night. tonight you can take in the festivities planned for your special night (costumes, masks, fangs, fake blood, etc…). the subsequent morning a tour of the citadel is planned.

We’ll then travel through Borgo pass – the fictional path used in the novel to reach Count Dracula’s home of residence. Its dramatic scenery, with huge hills draped in forests of fir trees and villages appearing as living monuments to how of life unchanged for centuries. At the top of the road we will come to Hotel Dracula where you will be staying for the night. The Hotel dates from 1983, inbuilt the style of a medieval mansion, it had been created to bring alive an authentic Dracula atmosphere.

The subsequent morning we will head to Bran Castle, often mentioned as “Dracula Castle”. Although in history it’s said he may have set foot in the residence once during a siege of the castle. Despite these allegations this is often one of the most picturesque castles in the country. Built by the Saxons in 1300’s during a setting surrounded by forest and hills.

Lastly but not least may be a visit to Sango Monastery, where they assert the tomb of Dracula lays. to go to you must cross the kilometer long lake by boat. Vlad’s murder is believed to possess occurred in the forests nearby, where the monks took the his body, since both Vlad and his father had both given money to the monastery.

Your specialist guide will assure that all the elements of Halloween be included on this tour from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this chance to discover the myth and the truth of the “Legend of Dracula” in mythical Romania

Halloween with Dracula in his Homeland of Transylvania!!

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