Best Dentist in Mumbai for Teeth Whitening at Affordable Prices

Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic & Rejuvenation are amongst best Dentist in Mumbai offering Teeth Whitening Services in Mumbai.

Teeth whitening in Mumbai is a trendy cosmetic dental treatment that improves your smile in a fast, non-invasive and affordable way. A teeth whitening treatment at his AESTHETIC Smiles Dental Clinic in Mumbai is a must for everyone.

Available for any budget, any time frame, and any temperament. Whether it takes the form of his hour-long whitening session, which is professionally performed in a dental office, beauty center, or at-home whitening kit, there are many solutions.

Teeth Whitening

External stains appear on the tooth surface after exposure to dark-colored drinks, food, and tobacco. It can make you look fresher. Stubborn external stains can and settle into the dentin if not treated early.

Professional teeth whitening in clinic

A large color change in a short time is the main advantage of in-clinic teeth whitening. The protocol begins with tooth cleaning and air polishing of the teeth, followed by a carefully controlled application of a relatively concentrated whitening gel.

The gums should be protected with a varnished rubber dam. Peroxide typically stays on the teeth for 15-20 minute intervals, taking up to an hour (max) in total. Teeth whitening, often called tooth whitening, is considered safe when the procedure is performed as directed by a dentist.

Teeth whitening costs in Mumbai range from $400 to $1000. Laser teeth whitening/zoom bleaching is definitely more expensive, but gives the best results in a relatively short amount of time. Whitens teeth by 5-6 shades. Call and get a quote from one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai for the best teeth whitening treatment you deserve.

Zoom Save 20% on Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is the gold standard for whitening fir teeth. The in-office bleaching takes about 30-40 minutes and leaves your teeth up to 6-8 levels whiter.

Say no to yellow teeth and get them cleaned at Aesthetic Smile Dental Clinic in Mumbai. Whitening Ritika Arora – Mumbai’s Best Dentist He won his one. If you want to know more about the cost of teeth whitening in India, book a free consultation with a leading teeth whitening dentist now.

Anyone who chooses to whiten their teeth will see moderate to significant improvements in the brightness and whiteness of their smile. It is not a permanent solution to discoloration and requires maintenance or “touch ups” for long lasting results.

What causes tooth stains?

Age: There is a correlation between tooth color and age. Over time, teeth darken due to wear and build-up of stains. Teenagers can experience immediate and dramatic consequences from lightning. Teeth in the 50’s absorbed a lot of stubborn stains that were difficult (if not impossible) to remove. Diet: Regular consumption of red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges, and other brightly colored foods and beverages can cause significant discoloration over time.

Smoking Habits: Nicotine slowly penetrates the tooth structure and leaves behind a brownish deposit that causes self-discoloration.

Drugs/Chemicals: Using tetracycline during tooth formation causes a dark gray or brown tape stain that is difficult to remove. Excessive use of fluoride results in dental fluorosis (a discoloration characterized by the appearance of faint white spots on the teeth) and the associated white spots.

Trauma: A fall or other injury can cause significant cracks in your teeth, which can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris.

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