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Call For Action Gives a Boost to Email Marketing

There has been a steady growth in the email marketing industry both at B2B and B2C level. A recent survey confirms the same, emphasizing on the importance of ‘call for action’ in the email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has been extensively used by businesses to reach out to their existing as well as potential customers. It has increased in the B2B sector as well. Recently, it has been employed by businesses to share information with their clients and associates. In a recent survey conducted by Ipsos, two-thirds of the adult Internet users prefer email marketing over other traditional marketing methods. The survey emphasizes on the importance of ‘call for action’ in email marketing.

This form of direct marketing has been increasingly employing this standard marketing tool to encourage customer-involvement. This has greatly enabled businesses to forge and maintain long term associations and create a loyal customer-base.

Rupiz Express, an email marketing network of the Rupiz Infotech group, utilizes the same method in direct marketing for providing cost-effectiveness and better ROIs to its customers. Meenakshi Wail, Co-Founder and Business Development Head, Rupiz Xpress, states that, “Call for action has enabled relevant and targeted email marketing due to its direct nature, encouraging action on the part of the readers or recipients.”

Why ‘call for action’ in email marketing?

  • It is direct and to the point
  • It is brief and clear
  • It helps in navigation to important links on the business websites
  • It understands the customers’ needs (‘learn more’, ‘click to buy’ etc.)
  • It is clear in objective
  • It takes the customer to next level of involvement

The survey clearly states that call-for-action methods, inculcated in this direct form of marketing, have increased the level of customer involvement and reduced the inefficiency of email marketing,. In this regard, Rupiz Xpress has been tapping the potential of this methodology quite effectively through the spam filters and fading attention of the target audience.

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