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Aluminium Shutters Custom Designed To Suit Your Exact Specifications

Australia is fabulous and fun. There’s such a lot to do. But, what if you only wanted to relax? Imagine the summer, when it’s hot. rather than rushing out to do some extreme sport, what if you merely sat in a nice comfy chair, in your nice, cool home? Better yet, what if you moved that nice comfy chair to your enclosed porch? If it rained, you’ll see the clouds move along and watch the drops come down. It’s so pretty. within the winter, you’ll sit in that same chair and stay nice and warm. If it snowed, you’ll watch the beautiful snowflakes fall. It’s stunning.

Aluminium Shutters make it all possible. That then much more. Aluminium Shutters are extremely versatile and may be installed both inside and outside a home in a variety of ways. In fact, you’ll custom design Aluminium Shutters to suit your precise desires and exact specifications.

Advantages of Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters offer many advantages. They include:

• Variety: As mentioned, Aluminium Shutters are often customized designed to fit anywhere and used both indoors and outdoors. They also are available an assortment of colours and can be fixed or adjustable.

• Protection: Aluminium Shutters are often tailored to close all the way in order to block heat and sunlight and keep the room cool. they will also protect the room from wind and cold and keep out debris.

• Light Regulation: Aluminium Shutters are often adjusted to regulate how much sunlight enters the room, which, not only keeps it cool, but protects furniture and furnishings from fading.

• Saves on Energy Costs: Aluminium Shutters keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Such leads to measurable energy cost savings.

• Security: Some Aluminium Shutters, specifically people who function as doors, include security locks for added protection.

• Privacy: Aluminum Shutters are often closed to allow for privacy.

• Durability: Aluminium Shutters are constructed with a chip resilient powder coating.

• Better Views: Aluminium Shutters span broader ranges than conventional shutters and supply better, less restricted views.

• Easy to Clean: Simply wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Uses for Aluminium Shutters

There are numerous ways you could use Aluminium Shutters. you’re limited only by your imagination. Here are some ideas:

• Use them to exchange shades and blinds on windows and/or doors.

• Use them to completely or partially enclose patios, porches, decks, and/or balconies.

• Use them to secure certain areas inside your home, like play areas, kitchens, and dens.

• they’re especially perfect for use in the kitchen as they resist high temperatures, steam, and dampness.

These are just some of the many ways you can use Aluminium Shutters. Again, you’ll custom design them to fit any need.


Since 1988, Apollo has specialized in custom making quality, affordable home and Online Vertical Blinds. It offers them in bi-fold, sliding, and glued styles. Additional features include:

• a variety of colour selections (White, Anodized, Birch White, Black, Silver Grey) and custom colours.

• Hinged, fixed, bi-fold, sliding, and removable styles.

• Rear Aluminium Tilt Bar

• Optional twin bolt that locks Shutters in situ

• Two-Way Closure

• Fixed Louvre Selection

Apollo’s Custom Commercial Blinds are expertly crafted, skillfully installed, and are designed to face up to all kinds of weather and time.

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